Casablanca tours: The Old Medina ,Quartier Habous, The Corniche

Casablanca tours: The Old Medina ,Quartier Habous, The Corniche

The Old Medina:Casablanca’s medina represents the oldest surviving part of the city, and dates back to the rebuilding carried out by Sultan Mohammed ben Abdallah. Although it isn’t as old or as atmospheric as the medieval medinas of other Moroccan cities, it is still a great place to explore on foot. Wander down labyrinthine streets and into tiny storefronts selling spices, clothing and handmade crafts. Haggling is expected, and souvenirs are both cheap and authentic. Keep an eye out for La Sqala, the medina’s old Portuguese fortress.

Quartier Habous :Nowhere is Casablanca’s uniqueness better showcased than in the Quartier Habous, the postcard-perfect “new medina” built by the French in the 1930s. Intended to represent the marriage of Moroccan tradition with modern French culture, the quarter features shady Moorish arches and arcades, clean stone streets and a sophisticated souk full of excellent souvenir shops. Quartier Habous may not be wholly authentic, but it does provide an interesting insight into 20th-century politics. It is bordered to the north by the Royal Palace.

The Corniche: Sometimes referred to as Morocco’s South Beach or the Blackpool of Morocco, the Corniche is an oceanfront boardwalk lined with restaurants, nightclubs, theaters and hotels. Stretching for several kilometers, it’s a scenic place to go for a jog, take in the sea air or meet vacationing Moroccans. Street performers line the walkway, and the ocean sunsets are often spectacular. In summer, pay a visit to one of the Corniche’s beach clubs to escape the heat with a swim. To get there, take a cab from the town center.

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