Marrakech tours:Celebrating Christmas

Marrakech tours:Celebrating Christmas

Celebrating Christmas in Marrakech, you can still keep your treasured Christmas traditions alive by planning ahead, but you can also combine those with something different and exciting for this important holiday period.

What happens in Marrakech on Christmas day?

On Christmas day in Marrakech, people go about their usual business. It’s an awesome feeling to experience going to the shops, even going to the bank! and a city full of people who don’t celebrate Christmas. That is, expect for the other visitors who are also there with you to escape the usual Christmas pantomime.

Will restaurants be open in Marrakech on Christmas Day?

Part of the experience of Christmas in Marrakech will be that you can choose to eat in any of the restaurants and Cafe’s, as they will all be open.
However, if you are going to stay for the day in the city, then you should be sure to research Restaurants ahead of your visit and, if possible actually book the Restaurant in advance too.

Will Marrakech be busy during Christmas?

Marrakech at the end of December is in full swing with it’s high season. People from all over the country visit Marrakech for their winter holidays and so, Marrakech takes on a glowing and thriving atmosphere with happy people celebrating the winter all over the city.

Can i buy Alcohol in Marrakech?

If you love that Christmas day feeling with a good Brandy or Scotch, or perhaps some red Wine, then you will find plenty of choice at Marjane. Remember, whilst Alcohol is not banned in Morocco, it is a good idea to keep your Alcohol consumption to enjoying it in your Hotel room (unless your Hotel has a bar or serves Alcohol). It is also good practice to ensure that you ask your Riad or Hotel about drinking Alcohol on the premises in advance of booking your Marrakech Riad. The reason for this is that some Riads ban the consumption of Alcohol because of their beliefs or even, because of their Riads close proximity to a Mosque.
Whilst in Moroccan Supermarkets you may not find your exactly preferred bottle of Red Wine, take this opportunity to try some Moroccan Wines. Yes, it seems strange, Moroccan wine. However, it is gaining much interest worldwide and becoming a popular choice.

Will i find a Christmas lunch in Marrakech?

There are several restaurants which now cater to British tourists on Christmas day who want to enjoy their Christmas Turkey in Marrakech. Again, make sure that you research thoroughly to find a reccomended restaurant. The other option will be to check out some of the large Hotel chains, because they may be offering a special Christmas menu in their restaurants, which are often open to visitors.

What if i want to escape the busy city on Christmas day?

Our tour From Marrakech to the high dunes of Merzouga which depart from Marrakech are also operating everyday over Christmas, including Christmas day, boxing day and New years eve. which will whisk you away from the busy city of Marrakech on Christmas day.
Particularly, we offer Christmas day Marrakech Desert tours, which enable you to travel to the Desert and Ride Camels on Christmas day into the dunes and then stay overnight in a Desert camp admire Morocco Sahara desert on Christmas day night!

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