Best tours in Morocco:Entering the hammam is not like leaving it.

Best tours in Morocco:Entering the hammam is not like leaving it.

You may have heard of it again or you may be wondering what a hammam is? Moroccan hamam is one of the most beloved and most enigmatic experiences for those who have never visited Morocco or never had the opportunity to try a hamam. It is definitely one of the “must to do in Morocco” !!!Not many years ago, people here didn’t know what it means to have your own shower or a bath at home. Water, and especially hot water, was a valuable asset before the water heaters appeared. The practical solution to this difficulty in Morocco was Hamam.Today you will find in the Moroccan cities a wide range of hammams. The most traditional ones can be found in every neighborhood. You will also find luxury hammams in the big cities. A third option is that one of the more sophisticated traditional hammam which is more economical than luxury one. Depending of what you choose, your experience will be different.The Arabic word hammam means ”spreader of warmth”. On the one hand, you can literally interpret it, as the hammam consists of different rooms that spread warmth. But there is another kind of warmth in the metaphorical sense: Moroccans go to the hammam to meet their friends and have social contacts: the Moroccans in the hammam set up businesses and even arrange a marriage.Hammam is a very important ritual practice in Muslim culture: Bathing and cleaning are not only an integral part of a Muslim’s daily life, but also because the water is considered sacred in Islam.Hamam is probably the oldest tradition in the world that survives up to our days. This ritual dates back to both Ottoman and Roman empires which subsequently spread throughout the world. Especially in the Middle East, it is important for the bride before the wedding to go to the hammam to ensure the smoothness and cleanliness of her skin.

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