Marrakech to Fez :The city of ten thousand alleys

Marrakech to Fez :The city of ten thousand alleys

The city of Fez, one of the oldest imperial cities in the Kingdom of Morocco, is quite famous among travelers and tourists as one of the best destinations in the world.
However, the medieval city of Fez, with its quaint and picturesque narrow streets in the maze-like medina, fabulous food scene, and several historic monuments that stretch back hundreds of years.
Founded by Idris I in 789, the city of Fez was the capital of Morocco until 1912. Now, the spiritual city with its modern extension is Morocco’s second largest city. But the old medina remains the vibrant heart of the city, which has several tourist attractions, highlighting Fez’s rich history and culture that has made the city one of the world’s must-see destinations.
Fez Medina, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Fez is among the 10 Moroccan cities recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.
Named a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1981, the city of Fez remains a cultural and spiritual locus, with many amazing tourist sites that not only please the eyes, but also teach the secrets of well-preserved ancient architecture and labor skills that date back to the medieval times.Built in the 9th century, the Fez medina is a labyrinth of about 10,000 alleys that are too narrow for cars, with small artisanal shops selling all kinds of hand-made products: everything from clothes and jewelry to furniture and food.
The medina is a completely car-free urban zone, and the only means of transporting goods inside the medina are mules or small chariots. Nowadays, you may occasionally see a motorbike or bike zooming through a crowd of people in the narrow streets.

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