Morocco luxury tours: Marrakech city of Arabian Nights

Morocco luxury tours: Marrakech city of Arabian Nights

It is not for nothing that Marrakech is called the city of the Arabian Nights. Its monuments, its colors and flavors are a real account you read and reread whenever you visit the city.

Dates, dried fruits and cakes, flavors blend and yet are distinct in the souks of the city. You will forget time as you stroll through the semmarines and admiring the beautiful creations of Moroccan crafts: chandeliers, lanterns, pots, teapots, vases, slippers, carpets, traditional clothing … bakers and small restaurants having Mrrakchi dishes like delicious Tanjia are where are the souks and you can not resist their delights.

There is so much to explore in Marrakech: the story you tell of historical monuments by time period, its rich and varied culture crafts. The Marrakech gardens offer you true moments of relaxes, while the Djemaa El Fna Square makes you live an exceptional animation.

Shops brands, mauls, duplex, supermarkets, luxury hotels and modern restaurants are located in the Gueliz area which is not far from the medina.

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