Morocco luxury tours :Marrakech riads

Morocco luxury tours :Marrakech riads

History of Marrakech riads
Your stay in Marrakech will be unforgettable if you spend it in a sumptuous riad in the heart of the medina. Majestic and fantastic, are the riads Marrakech! Like the city itself, the riads have a great story explaining their splendor and sobriety.

The riad is a traditional architecture found in the old medinas of Morocco, especially in the medina of Marrakech. Marrakech riads tell its history: it was originally the traditional habitats of the Berbers, their architecture was later modified to be organized around the patio, decor was influenced by Andalusian art made by Sultan Ali Ben Youssef, then that gardens and green terraces were added by the Almohad.

A palace between terrace and garden
The structure of the Riad is exceptional and falls within the traditions and customs of the Moroccans who ensure privacy for their family. Thus, there is often a chicane entrance in the Riad to receive foreign guests. In addition, the exterior facade of the Riad is neutral and has only a few openings not hinting that paradise is behind!

Riad can have two, three, rarely four floors, the main room is a patio called Wast ed-dar (middle of the house) having a round, rectangular or square. A fountain is placed in the middle of the courtyard and is surrounded by a formal garden walkways, trees are also planted (orange and lemon) in the area of the Riad. Riad garden also features can also have another larger garden.

The other rooms surround the patio and have doors and windows facing inward. If the Riad has floors, it may be that the ground floor is reserved for the kitchen, dining room and other rooms of the genre, while the bedrooms are upstairs.

There are Riad with a terrace offering splendid panoramic views, along with desRiad pool. It depends on the area of Riad.

Marrakech riads today
Ryads are the new trend in Marrakech! Many famous people (artists, politicians, sportsmen) have their own Riad in the heart of the medina. Long before the Ryads have been abandoned by residents who left Medina and settled in modern neighborhoods. But these traditional habitats found their value and much more thanks to the great interest shown by Western celebrities in the 60s and 70s.

Ryads have therefore been restored and became guest houses with comfort means while keeping their traditional appearance. Buy a Riad cost a fortune today, but you can still book a dream holiday in a guest house Riad!

Life in Marrakech riads
How would life in a riad? A real pleasure, a dream life that has nothing to envy of accounts thousand and one nights. This is even more surprising if it is a riad in Marrakech in the heart of the medina.

The Riad akin previously powerful families from Morocco, they were decorated by the best craftsmen in the country who combine Moroccan traditions expertise Arab Andalusian. Today, Riad in Marrakech was restored by Moroccans and by Westerners to make guesthouses popular with tourists than the luxury hotels located in the modern quarters. Although it goes new Riad built outside Medina, those who are behind the walls have a special charm!

The riad is a kind of temporal representation of paradise among Muslims, and he deserves this designation. Every room and wall of the Riad had the interest required to make it a true masterpiece. The patio alone offer you beautiful memories of discussions and meals near the fountain and in the shadow of its plantations.

By booking your stay in a riad in Marrakech, make sure you have an unforgettable holiday in the red city, the city of a thousand and one night!

Marrakech riads services
Besides the architecture and decoration of Riad, the hospitality in these institutions is what is most gratifying. Moroccans are known for their hospitality, and the same goes for the Riad which sélectionnèrent a warm and welcoming staff.

After a few days, you become a family member and not a customer. Riad hosts are always ready to keep you company, you tell lots of amazing stories and you discover Moroccan cuisine in inviting you to participate in the preparation of a tasty dish. You’ll look forward to come back next time!

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