Morocco private tours:Rabat an overlooked gem

Morocco private tours:Rabat an overlooked gem

Morocco’s seventh largest city and capital, Rabat has been described as a little piece of heaven. A 12th-century royal fort perched on the Atlantic Ocean overlooking the water, this city is so much more than just the capital. Although often missed by travelers making their way through Morocco, Rabat completely charms the hearts of those that don’t.

Full of impressive landmarks that speak to its Islamic and French-colonial heritage, such as the Kasbah des Oudaias, the Hassan Tower and the Royal Palace, this city is full of beauty as much as it is history. Complete with formal gardens, palm-lined boulevards, clean beaches, and a walled medina, Rabat is a refreshing alternative to escape the crowds of the other cities in Morocco.. Compared to the bustle of nearby cities like Casablanca and Fez, Rabat is an oasis of calm. If you’re feeling yourself getting stressed with the frenetic nature of Moroccan city life, Rabat could be a chance to slow everything down.

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