Morocco private tours:Spending Christmas in Morocco

Morocco private tours:Spending Christmas in Morocco

Spending Christmas in Morocco can be a wonderful unexpected adventure.Many people enjoy sticking close to home for the holidays. And if they do travel, it is often to spend time with family and friends. But if you are looking to take a vacation for Christmas, Morocco is a great destination!Are you looking for a romantic holiday vacation or a solo escape? Or perhaps you want to surprise your family with the trip as a Christmas present. No matter why you want to visit, Morocco is quite nice in December. The weather is mild and cool – similar to Autumn in many other places. And Morocco offers so much variety. Hang out in a resort on the Mediterranean coast. Head off to the Swiss-style village of Ifrane in the mountains and go skiing. Or take that camel ride out into the Morocco Sahara desert that you’ve been dreaming of. December is a great time to camp in the desert, especially if you are heat-sensitive. Just be prepared for cold once the sun goes down.But what about Christmas? Is celebrating Christmas even an option in Morocco, a Muslim Country?The answer: It is. If you know where to look.If you plan to visit Morocco for Christmas (or any other time of year), we’d love to hear from you. Let us know if we can help you bring your Moroccan travel dreams to life!

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