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Morocco is one of those countries that doesn´t allow you to remain indifferent. Either you love it or not.
Over the last few years, we have discovered there are more those who love it than hate it. Furthermore, frequent many of them decide to come back again.

There must be a reason… is’t it?
Down below we indicate seven reasons why you should travel to Morocco (at least once in your life):

  • Discover the second largest Muslim temple in the world

if you are interested of architecture, religious buildings or simply the beautiful buildings you cannot miss the Hassan II Mosque.

Located in the city of Casablanca (on the edge of the sea) it is the tallest temple in the world and the second largest -after the Mecca mosque-.

King Hassan II ordered to build it in Casablanca as a symbol of power.
Its interior is a delight for the eye: marble, granite, wood, mosaics and plaster meticulously handmade by master craftsmen.

Its ceiling is open to the sky and the sun shines through.

  • Discover the years when everything was handmade

If you like the crafts, you cannot miss Fez.

This city is one of the four imperial cities in the country along with Rabat, Meknes and Marrakech.
UNESCO declared it a World Heritage Site in 1981.
Its medina, of labyrinth-like streets, is the most authentic you can find in the country, since it is inhabited mostly by local families.
Right here craftsmen of all sorts can be found: those who work the fabrics, carpenters, goldsmiths, potters, leather tanneries, basket makers, tiles… A host of handmade objects.

Go across the Atlas mountain range and let yourself be seduced by its astonishing landscapes

for lovers of nature, it is essential to cross the Atlas mountain range. Starting from Fez and through the Middle Atlas you will discover small mountain villages in the purest Swiss style, then beautiful cedar forests as well as fauna and flora typical of the northern areas.

After crossing the Middle Atlas, on the way to the Sahara Desert, you will find the High Atlas. Nobody can remain indifferent to its landscape full of scattered Berber villages.

In this area, the proximity of the desert begins to be noticeable and the landscape turns predominantly brownish.

The Kasbahs (clay-brick houses) of the area, the green palm oasis and the blue sky add a touch of colour to make this route special with a dreamlike feeling.

Live magical moments beneath a canopy of stars

without a doubt, getting to the desert -to the beautiful dunes of Merzouga- is the icing of the trip. Crossing the mountains of the high Atlas and penetrating just a few yards into the desert where the dunes emerge from the middle of nowhere is something fascinating.

An experience never to forget is spending a night in a Berber camp under the stars, watch the sunrise, and enjoy those few seconds when the colours of the sand change.
If what you are looking for is to unwind and peace and quiet, this is the place for you.

The pace of its inhabitants and their link with the nature gives the place a dash of spirituality.

If you are the adventurous type, you can enjoy activities such as camel, quad and off-road rides in the dunes.

  • Enjoy water sports in the coolest area of Morocco

Morocco is not only desert and imperial cities; its Atlantic coast offers splendid places like the city of Essaouira.
Characterized by its huge beach and its open Medina, it has a certain artistic and bohemian character.

The influence of renowned artists who have spent time on this coastal city can be felt in every corner. It is common sight too, to come across buskers playing at the main square where you can enjoy beautiful sunsets.
On the beach, it is common to see young people playing football and practicing various activities: horseback riding, camel riding, quad biking, kitesurfing…
In addition, you can enjoy endless walks along the beach.

  • Let the most energetic city of Morocco seduce you

Marrakech is one of the imperial cities and probably the most vibrant. It receives the highest number of tourists throughout the year and indeed, it gives off a special energy.
Due to its geographical location, the temperature and the sun are virtually guaranteed the whole year through.
The Jemma El Fnaa square and the souks are the tourist epicentre. However, the city also has a modern neighbourhood with good restaurants.
In addition, in recent years they have been opening new restaurants of modern style, art and haute couture museums that allow you to enjoy a more sophisticated Marrakech.

  • Let the culture and hospitality of its people surprise you

Morocco´s culture is marked by its religion, Islam. Their customs are more deeply rooted in the rural areas, although in the cities -among the young and studied people- a certain laxity is observed.
Morocco has two official languages: Arabic and Berber.

The latter, recognized not so many years ago, is the language of the Amazigh or Berbers that are located throughout the country: on the coast of Agadir, in the Atlas Mountains and in the Sahara desert.
Their culture differs from the Arab one and, although they share some things, they are characterized by their attachment to the land, a very marked sense of community and for their hospitality.
Do you think there are few reasons to decide to plan your next trip?